Ship’s cat

nav Subject: RE: save the ship’s cat

Please share this picture to raise awareness of the plight of cats trapped in a folk music environment…

folk cat

capt  Subject: RE: save the ship’s cat

You will never stop us!
Folk for Felines!

Our Leader:


nav  Subject: RE: save the ship’s cat

Our forensic team has studied this photo and has noted the following:

  • Your Leader is playing in the key of C which is sometimes known to have a soporific effect on animals.
  • Your Leader is strumming his guitar with his cigarette, which has the effect of deadening the sound of his strings
  • The harmonica solo has not yet commenced. (We would love to see the uncensored sequence of shots for the full duration of this song please).

We are saddened by your “Folk for Felines” affiliation and must ask: are we that unapproachable? You may retain visitation rights for special occasions like birthday, bat mitzvahs etc

floozy  Subject: RE: save the ship’s cat

We have started a Mowbray chapter of the campaign.


nav  Subject: RE: save the ship’s cat

Thank you for raising the alert. This man must be apprehended!

The poor animal is probably so traumatised by now that it has developed a benign “almost contented” look to conceal the anguish what is certainly a coping mechanism. Animal psychologist refer to this as “deferred feline psychic trauma” which will eventually take hold and develop into full-blown psychosis unless we act fast.

To you out there: We know that you are merely showing your love for your kitty by playing the guitar to her at all times of the day and night, but we feel strongly that she needs a quieter home to realise her full potential as a sentient being and a sensitive creature of God.